Are you ready to build a nonprofit board that...

  • Is engaged and does what they promise to do?
  • ​Raises money and pays your staff what they're worth?
  • Stays in their lane and doesn't micro-manage?
  • ​Runs awesome meetings that get results?

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Transform Your Board in 90 Days 
With My 3-Part Framework
On this free training from Sean Kosofsky, the Nonprofit Fixer, you will learn...
  The exact 3-part framework I use with my clients to transform boards into effective and efficient fundraisers and ambassadors
  The myths and traps most nonprofit organizations still fall into (and how to avoid them)
  How to recruit, retain, and remove board members

"Sean packed so much information into the 45 minute session that I couldn't keep up with my notetaking. I've been in leadership roles in charities for 25 years and I still learned enough in that short period that I signed up for his course."

Lois Whitehead, Executive Director, Science Atlantic

HI, AND THANKS FOR READING! I’m Sean, the "Nonprofit Fixer!" 

I’ve spent more than 25 years building and leading nonprofits and political campaigns. I've helped grow local, national, established and startup organizations, whether they are charitable or political. I've been an Executive Director for 4 organizations so I know how hard it is to build and maintain a high performing board of directors. One of the biggest nonprofit challenges is getting the board to engage and fundraise. This training for boards makes is super easy to build a plan for success. 

Neither you, nor I, have time for BS. We need results. I cut through clutter and give you a shortcut to success. My tools and trainings are straight-to-the-point, immediately useful, and chock-full of tips and tactics you can start using today. I am a coach and consultant for boards, executive directors and activists of all stripes. I’ve worked in communications, victim-services, civil rights, environment, policy, bullying prevention, lobbying, management and much more. I learned how to run a non-profit the hard way – by watching someone do it poorly.
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