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Sample Board of Directors Agreement
The Top 9 Areas of Responsibility for an Executive Director
Board Member Fundraising Worksheet
Sample Executive Director Job Description
6 Biggest Mistakes Executive Directors Make (And How to Avoid Them)
"Get In Your Lane" Infographic
Sean M. Kosofsky, MPA
Hi, I’m Sean, and I'm a Nonprofit Fixer! 

I’ve worked in nonprofit organizations since I was 16 (over 25 years). I love nonprofits. I study nonprofits. I also lead and fix nonprofits. Whether its local, state or national - or charitable or political – I have helped grow and develop organizations of all kinds. I've served as an Executive Director for 4 organizations. I am a coach and consultant for boards, executive directors and activists of all stripes. I’ve worked in communications, victim-services, civil rights, environment, policy, bullying prevention, lobbying, management and much more. 

I learned how to run a non-profit the hard way – by watching someone do it poorly. I’ve also been thrown into the deep end and told to sink or swim. I don’t want that to happen to anyone else, so I have made it a commitment to my business to train people how to effectively fundraise and manage organizations for maximum impact. I’m nationally known and respected, and I’m a really swell guy (just wait, you’ll see!) 

Best of all, I cut through the BS. My tools and trainings are straight-to-the-point, immediately useful, and chock-full of tips and tactics you can start using today.
Jack Beck - Executive Director TurnOUT
"Sean is a dream to work with. He understands governance and development inside and out, with a set of tools that can bring any organization's board work and fundraising to the next level. He is prompt, efficient, and knew exactly how to deliver what we needed. We would work with him again in a heartbeat!"
Leigh Phillips - Executive Director, EARN
“The first time I met Sean I was so inspired by his quick thinking and bold ideas that I immediately knew I wanted to work together on a strategy to bring a new type of advocacy model to our organization. Sean helped get my ideas out of my head and into a solid concept paper, and added many terrific ideas of his own that I would never have come up with. Working with Sean has opened my eyes to a whole new set of opportunities for our organization. He understands how to align strategic priorities with funder values and gave me the confidence to pursue a new set of foundation relationships"
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